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1. Tordre. Tortiller son mouchoir.
2. Onduler. Tortiller des hanches.
3. (Intrans.) (Familier) Tergiverser. Il n'y a pas ŕ tortiller.

1. contort


Sinonimi: deform | distort | wring

ETYM Latin contortus, p. p. of contorquere to twist; con- + torquere to twist. Related to Torture.
To twist and press out of shape; SYN. deform, distort, wring.

2. scheme


Sinonimi: intrigue | connive

1. To devise a system or form a scheme for.
2. To form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner; SYN. intrigue, connive.

3. twine


To grow upward.

4. twist


Sinonimi: distort | sprain | wrench | turn | wrick | rick | twist around | pervert | convolute | sophisticate

1. To turn in the opposite direction
2. To form into a spiral shape; SYN. distort.
3. To form into twists
4. To turn suddenly so as to sprain; SYN. sprain, wrench, turn, wrick, rick.
5. To change the meaning of; SYN. twist around, pervert, convolute, sophisticate.
6. To do the dance called the twist.

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