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réussir [ glagol ]
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Passer avec succès. Réussir un examen.
(Intrans.) Arriver. Réussir ŕ oublier.
(Intrans.) Prospérer.
(Intrans.) Se réaliser. Réussir dans son emploi.

bring off [ glagol ]
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To cause to escape; rescue
To carry to a successful conclusion; achieve, accomplish

pass [ glagol ]
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To travel past, as of a vehicle; SYN. overtake, overhaul.
To cause to pass:; SYN. make pass.
To go across or through; SYN. go through, go across.
To succeed at a test or a screening
To place into the hands or custody of; SYN. hand, reach, pass on, turn over, give.
To transfer to another; of rights or property
To accept or judge as acceptable
To allow to go without comment or censure:
To get a passing grade in an exams; SYN. nail, make it.
1To go unchallenged; be approved; SYN. clear.
1To throw (a ball) to another player

succeed [ glagol ]
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To attain success or reach a goal; SYN. come through.
To be the successor of; SYN. come after, follow.

get ahead [ glagol ]
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To advance; to prosper.
To achieve success
When you get ahead, you become more successful and make progress in your job or your life.

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