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muški rod

1. Groupe d'habitations.
2. Village.

1. borough


Unit of local government in the UK from the 8th century until 1974, when it continued as an honorary status granted by royal charter to a district council, entitling its leader to the title of mayor.
(Homonym: borough).
1. An English town that forms the constituency of a member of Parliament.
2. One of the administrative divisions of a large city.

2. burg

imenicaarhaično, zastarelo

Colloquial American term for a town

3. hamlet


Sinonimi: crossroads

ETYM Old Eng. hamelet, Old Fren. hamelet, dim. of hamel, French hameau, Late Lat. hamellum, a dim. of German origin; cf. German heim home. Related to Home.
A community of people smaller than a village; SYN. crossroads.

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