geler | francusko - engleski prevod



1. Transformer en glace.
2. Pétrifier. Le froid gèle le fleuve.
3. Bloquer. Geler un compte bancaire.
4. (Intrans.) Avoir froid. On gèle ici.
5. (Intrans.) Ętre endommagé. Une plante qui gèle.

1. freeze


(Irregular preterit, past participle: froze, frozen).
1. To be cold.
2. To be very cold, below the freezing point.
3. To change from a liquid to a solid when cold; SYN. freeze out, freeze down.
4. To cause to freeze.
5. To change water to ice.
6. To stop a process or a habit by imposing a freeze on it; SYN. suspend.
7. To stop moving or become immobilized; SYN. stop dead.
8. To anesthetize by cold, as for certain surgical procedures.
9. To behave coldly and formally.
10. To prohibit the conversion or use of (assets); SYN. block, immobilize.

2. immobilize


ETYM Pref. im- in + mobilize; cf. f. immobiliser.
(Alternate spelling: immobilise).
1. To cause to be immobile.
2. To convert (assets) into fixed capital.
3. To hold as reserve or withdraw from circulation; of capital.
4. To make defenseless.

3. jell


Sinonimi: set | congeal

To become gelatinous; SYN. set, congeal.

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