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1. Liquéfier. Fondre de la cire.
2. Męler. Fondre des couleurs.
3. (Intrans.) Se dissiper. Craintes qui fondent.
4. (Intrans.) Maigrir. Embonpoint qui fond.

1. dissolve


Sinonimi: fade out | fade away | break up | mix | mix in | break down | fall apart | break up

1. To become weaker, as of sound or vision; SYN. fade out, fade away.
2. To cause to go into a solution; SYN. break up, mix, mix in, break down.
3. To pass into a solution; SYN. fall apart.
4. To terminate (legally); SYN. break up.

2. liquefy


Sinonimi: liquify | liquify | liquidize | liquidise

1. To become liquid.
2. To become liquid or fluid; of a solid substance, when heated; SYN. liquify.
3. To make (a solid substance) liquid, as by heating; SYN. liquify, liquidize, liquidise.

3. melt


Sinonimi: run | melt down

1. To lose its distinct outline or shape
2. To reduce from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating; SYN. run, melt down.

4. melt down


To suffer a meltdown; collapse

5. merge


To mix together, or to fuse together -- especially said of groups or companies

6. smelt


To extract (metals) by heating.

7. thaw


Sinonimi: unfreeze | unthaw | melt

To cause to thaw and become soft or liquid again; SYN. unfreeze, unthaw, melt.

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