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1. Dérouler. Filer la laine.
2. (Intrans.) Avancer. Le temps file.
3. Suivre. Filer un suspect.
4. (Familier) Donner. Filer un bon tuyau.

1. follow


Sinonimi: come after | conform to | travel along | survey

1. To travel behind, go after, come after
2. To come after in time, as a result; SYN. come after.
3. To come as a logical consequence; follow logically
4. To adhere to or practice
5. To be next
6. To behave in accordance or in agreement with; SYN. conform to.
7. To travel along a certain course; SYN. travel along.
8. To accept and follow the leadership of command or guidance of
9. To grasp the meaning
10. To keep under surveillance; SYN. survey.
11. To bring something about at a later time than

2. shadow


Sinonimi: shade | shade off | overshadow | dwarf

1. To cast a shadow over; SYN. shade, shade off.
2. To cast a shadow; SYN. overshadow, dwarf.
3. To follow, usually without the person's knowledge

3. spin


(Irregular preterit, past participle: spun).
1. To revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis; SYN. spin around, whirl, reel, gyrate.
2. To work natural fibers into a thread.
3. To form a web by making a thread, as of spiders.
4. To prolong or extend; SYN. spin out.
5. To make up a story, as in.
6. To stream in jets, of liquids.

4. tail


To remove the stalk of fruits or berries.

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