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1. browse


Sinonimi: graze

1. To eat lightly, try different dishes; SYN. graze.
2. To look around casually and randomly, as through files and directories on a computer.

2. layer


To make or form a layer

3. page through


To look through the pages of a document or a book; to browse.

4. peruse


1. To examine or consider with attention and in detail
2. Read through thoroughly.

5. skim


Sinonimi: skip | skitter | skim over | skim off | cream off | cream

1. To cause to skip over a surface:; SYN. skip, skitter.
2. To coat with a layer; of liquids.
3. To read superficially; SYN. skim over.
4. To remove from the surface; SYN. skim off, cream off, cream.

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