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1. Solide.
2. Stable. Sur le sol ferme.
3. Inébranlable. Caractère ferme.
4. Définitif. Offre ferme.

1. firm


Sinonimi: strong | solid | steady | unfluctuating | steadfast | steady | unbendable | unfaltering | unshakable | unwavering | loyal | truehearted

1. Strong and sure; SYN. strong.
2. Not soft or yielding to pressure; SYN. solid.
3. Not liable to fluctuate or especially to fall; SYN. steady, unfluctuating.
4. Not shaking or trembling.
5. Marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable; SYN. steadfast, steady, unbendable, unfaltering, unshakable, unwavering.
6. Marked by the tone and resiliency of healthy tissue.
7. Not subject to revision or change.
8. Unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause; SYN. loyal, truehearted.

2. hard


Sinonimi: tough | knockout | severe | strong | heavy

1. Not yielding to pressure or easily penetrated
2. Metaphorically hard
3. Dried out
4. Into a solid condition
5. Unfortunate or hard to bear; SYN. tough.
6. Very strong or vigorous; SYN. knockout, severe.
7. Having a high alcoholic content; SYN. strong.
8. Said of a drinker or drinking; indulging intemperately; SYN. heavy.
9. Permanent, fixed, or physically defined; unchangeable by the ordinary operation of a computer system. See also hard copy, hard error, hard return, hard-sectored disk. Compare soft (definition 1).
10. Retaining magnetization even in the absence of an external magnetic field. Compare soft (definition 2).

3. resolute


ETYM Cf. French résolu. The Latin resolutus (p. p. of resolvere) means, relaxed, enervated, effeminate. Related to Resolve.
Firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination.

4. solid


Sinonimi: unanimous | self-colored | self-coloured | strong | substantial

ETYM Latin solidus, probably akin to sollus whole, entire, Greek: cf. French solide. Related to Consolidate,Soda, Solder, Soldier, Solemn.
1. Acting together as a single undiversified whole; SYN. unanimous.
2. Entirely of a single color throughout; SYN. self-colored, self-coloured.
3. Entirely of one substance with no holes inside.
4. Having three dimensions.
5. Incapable of being seen through.
6. Of definite shape and volume; firm; neither liquid nor gaseous.
7. Of good quality and condition; solidly built; SYN. strong, substantial.
8. Of good substantial quality.
9. Of one substance or character throughout.
10. Turned into or covered with thick ice.
11. Uninterrupted in space; having no gaps or breaks.

5. sturdy


Sinonimi: tough

Substantially made or constructed; SYN. tough.

6. unbending


ETYM Pref. un- not + bending; properly p. pr. unbend.
1. Not bending; not yielding to pressure; stiff; - applied to material things.
2. Unyielding in will; not subject to persuasion or influence; inflexible; resolute; - applied to people.
3. Unyielding in nature; unchangeable; fixed; - applied to abstract ideas.

7. uncompromising


Sinonimi: inflexible

Not making concessions; SYN. inflexible.

fermé | francusko - engleski prevod



1. closed


Sinonimi: closed in | unsympathetic | shut

1. Not open or affording passage or access
2. Not open to the general public
3. Shut down
4. Blocked against entry; SYN. closed in.
5. Not having an open mind; SYN. unsympathetic.
6. Requiring union membership
7. (Mathematics) Of a curve or surface; having no end points or boundary curves; of a set; having members that can be produced by a specific operation on other members of the same set; of an interval; containing both its endpoints.
8. Used especially of mouth or eyes; SYN. shut.
9. With shutters closed.
10. (Of the wings of birds and insects) Closed together.
In mathematics, descriptive of a set of data for which an operation (such as addition or multiplication) done on any members of the set gives a result that is also a member of the set.
For example, the set of even numbers is closed with respect to addition, because two even numbers added to each other always give another even number.

ferme | francusko - engleski prevod


ženski rod

1. Domaine agricole.
2. Exploitation.
Assemblage de soutien de toiture.

1. farm


Farm buildings and cultivated land as a unit.

2. farmhouse


A house for the farmer and family. farm house

3. truss


ETYM Old Eng. trusse, French trousse, Old Fren. also tourse; perhaps from Latin tryrsus stalk, stem. Related to Thyrsus, Torso, Trousers, Trousseau.
(Irregular plural: trusses).
1. A device that is worn to hold a hernia in place.
2. An assemblage of beams forming a rigid structure (as a roof truss).

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