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1. Examen.
2. Débat. Discussion parlementaire.
3. Conversation. Discussion entre amis.
4. Différend. Discussion violente.

1. consultation


Sinonimi: audience | interview

ETYM Latin consultatio: cf. French consultation.
Process where those in authority discuss policies with those lower down the hierarchy. For example, management might consult workers about whether or not to introduce flexitime working or offer training packages. There may be regular consultation of workers through meetings between trade unions and managements in a joint consultative committee. Consultation does not imply any bargaining, only listening, and those in authority retain the right to make the final decision.1. A conference (usually with someone important); SYN. audience, interview.
2. A conference between two or more people to consider a particular question.

2. conversation


ETYM Old Eng. conversacio, Old Fren. conversacion, French conversation, from Latin conversatio frequent abode in a place, intercourse, Late Lat. also, manner of life.
Speech used for informal exchange of views.

3. debate


Sinonimi: disputation | public debate

ETYM French débat, from débattre. Related to Debate.
The formal presentation of and opposition to a stated proposition (usually followed by a vote); SYN. disputation, public debate.

4. deliberation


Sinonimi: deliberateness | weighing | advisement

ETYM Latin deliberatio: cf. French délibération.
1. The trait of thoughtfulness in action or decision; SYN. deliberateness.
2. Careful consideration; SYN. weighing, advisement.
3. (Usually plural) Discussion of all sides of a question.

5. dialog


Variant spelling of

6. dialogue


Sinonimi: dialog | duologue | dialog | dialog

ETYM Old Eng. dialogue, Latin dialogus, from Greek, to converse, dia through + lego to speak: cf. French dialogue. Related to Legend.
Conversation between two or more people. Dialogue is direct speech, so it is represented in writing as a series of quotations, using quotation marks or, in dramatic dialogue, the characters' names followed by their speeches.
1. A conversation between two persons; SYN. dialog, duologue.
2. A literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people; SYN. dialog.
3. The lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction; SYN. dialog.

7. discussion


Sinonimi: give-and-take | word | treatment | discourse

ETYM Latin discussio a shaking, examination, discussion: cf. French discussion.
1. An exchange of views on some topic; SYN. give-and-take, word.
2. An extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic; SYN. treatment, discourse.

8. dispute


Sinonimi: difference | difference of opinion | conflict | contravention

ETYM Cf. French dispute. Related to Dispute.
1. A disagreement or argument about something important; SYN. difference, difference of opinion, conflict.
2. Coming into conflict with; SYN. contravention.

9. negotiation


Sinonimi: talks

ETYM Latin negotiatio: cf. French négociation.
A discussion intended to produce an agreement; SYN. talks.
Bargaining over an issue. In industrial relations, labor unions and employers are likely to negotiate the pay and conditions of workers in the process of collective bargaining. In sales, a company may bargain with another company over the price to be paid for a product, its quality and packaging, and delivery dates. If negotiations break down, it may be possible and worthwhile for the parties to seek outside help with conciliation or arbitration.

10. talk


Sinonimi: talking | talk of the town

1. The act of speech.
2. An exchange of ideas via conversation; SYN. talking.
3. A act of giving a talk to an audience
4. Idle gossip or rumor; SYN. talk of the town.
5. ('talk about' is a less formal alternative for 'discussion of') Discussion

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