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ženski rod

1. Manifestation violente d'une maladie.
2. Accès. Crise de nerfs.
3. Marasme. Économie en crise.
4. Tension. Crise sociale.

1. breakdown


Sinonimi: equipment failure | crack-up | partitioning

1. A cessation of normal operation; SYN. equipment failure.
2. A mental or physical breakdown; SYN. crack-up.
3. An analysis into mutually exclusive categories; SYN. partitioning.
4. A breakdown is a situation in which something mechanical has broken down.
5. A situation in which an arrangement, agreement, negotiation, plan, or marriage has broken down is a breakdown.

2. crisis


ETYM Latin crisis, Greek, from krinein to separate. Related to Certain.
1. A crucial stage or turning point in the course of something.
2. An unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty.

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