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muški rodmuzika

Battement de cloches ŕ coups précipités, avec une sorte de mesure et d'accord.

1. carillon


ETYM French carillon a chime of bells, originally consisting of four bells, as if from. (assumed) Latin quadrilio, from quatuer four.
Set of bells hung in a bell tower.
A lever-action keyboard struck with the side of the hands and connected by wires to the beaters of up to 70 static bells, on which music in two parts is played. The bells are usually hung in a tower. Carillons are found throughout Europe and the US; mechanized carillons were the forerunners of musical clocks and boxes.
(French) peal of bells.

2. chime


Sinonimi: bell | gong

1. A percussion instrument consisting of vertical metal tubes of different lengths that are struck with a hammer; SYN. bell, gong.
2. Any small, quiet bell.

3. doorbell


Sinonimi: bell | buzzer | door-bell

A push button at an outer door; SYN. bell, buzzer, door-bell.

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