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/ bɪtmæp /


A data structure in memory that represents information in the form of a collection of individual bits. A bit map is used to represent a bit image. Another use of a bit map in some systems is the representation of the blocks of storage on a disk, indicating whether each block is free (0) or in use (1). See also bit image, pixel image.
An image represented as a two dimensional array of brightness values for pixels; SYN. electronic image.
An image is displayed on the screen as a collection of tiny squares called pixels, which together form a pattern. Each pixel in the image corresponds with one or more bits; the number of bits per pixel determines how many shades of gray or colors can be displayed
In computing, a pattern of bits used to describe the organization of data. Bit maps are used to store typefaces or graphic images (bit-mapped or raster graphics), with 1 representing black (or a color) and 0 white.
Bit maps may be used to store a typeface or font, but a separate set of bit maps is required for each typesize. A vector font, by contrast, can be held as one set of data and scaled as required. Bit-mapped graphics are not recommended for images that require scaling (compare vector graphics—those stored in the form of geometric formulas).
bit map


electronic image

bitmapped image

/ |bitmapped| ˈɪmədʒ /

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