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bidonville [ ženski rod ]
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shanty town [ imenica ]
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A city district inhabited by people living in huts and shanties.
Group of unplanned shelters constructed from cheap or waste materials (such as cardboard, wood, and cloth). Shanty towns are commonly located on the outskirts of cities in poor countries, or within large cities on derelict land or near rubbish tips.
Land available for shanties is often of poor quality (for example, too steep or poorly drained). Shanty areas often lack such services as running water, electricity, and sanitation. They are high-density developments; that is, crowded. In the developing world, shanty towns result from mass migration from rural areas in response to pull factors, especially the perceived prospects of employment. One solution to uncontrolled shanty development is self-help projects.
Shanty towns are sometimes referred to by words in or derived from the local language; in Brazil, favela; in India, especially around Calcutta, basti; in Peru, colonia proletaris; in Tunisia, gourbi or bidonville; and in Venezuela, rancho.
In Cairo, Egypt, squatters have taken over the City of the Dead, originally built as a burial ground. shantytown

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