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1. Laisser présager. Annoncer l'orage.
2. Faire savoir.
3. Proclamer. Annoncer une nouvelle.

1. advertise


Sinonimi: publicize | advertize

Alternate (chiefly British) spelling of advertize.
To call attention to; SYN. publicize, advertize.

2. announce


Sinonimi: declare | denote | annunciate | harbinger | foretell | herald

1. To announce officially; SYN. declare.
2. To make known; make an announcement; SYN. denote.
3. To give the names of.
4. To foreshadow or presage; SYN. annunciate, harbinger, foretell, herald.

3. bespeak


Sinonimi: betoken | indicate | point | signal

(Irregular preterit, past participle: bespoke, bespoken).
To be a signal for or a symptom of; SYN. betoken, indicate, point, signal.

4. betoken


Sinonimi: To presage; portend; indicate; mark; note

1. To signify by some visible object; to show by signs or tokens.
2. To foreshow by present signs; to indicate something future by that which is seen or known; SYN. To presage; portend; indicate; mark; note.

5. herald


To introduce, or give tidings of, as by a herald; to proclaim; to announce.

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