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muški rod

1. Souffle.
2. Apparence.
3. Genre.

1. air


Sinonimi: airwave

ETYM Old Eng. air, eir, French air, Latin aër, from Greek aer, air, mist, for aeier, from root ai to blow, breathe. Related to Aëry, Debonair, Malaria, Wind.
(Homonyms: err, heir).
1. A mixture of gases (especially oxygen) required for breathing.
2. The atmosphere; wind.
3. The region above the ground.
4. A distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing: SYN. aura, atmosphere.
5. A distinctive manner.
6. Medium for radio and television broadcasting; SYN. airwave.
7. (Archaic) The gaseous substance once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe.

2. demeanor


Sinonimi: demeanour | behavior | behaviour | conduct | deportment

ETYM Written also demeanour.
Behavioral attributes; SYN. demeanour, behavior, behaviour, conduct, deportment.

3. demeanour


Alternate (chiefly British) spelling for demeanor.

air | francusko - engleski prevod


muški rodmuzika

1. melody


Sinonimi: tonal pattern

ETYM Old Eng. melodie, French mélodie, Latin melodia, from Greek, a singing, choral song, from melos song, tune + aiedein to sing. Related to Ode.
The perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes; SYN. tonal pattern.
In music, a distinctive sequence of notes sounded consecutively within an orderly pitch structure such as a scale or a mode. A melody may be a tune in its own right, or it may form a theme running through a longer piece of music.
The expressive component of melody is related to an intuitive balance between the expression of movement, through change of pitch, and an expectation that certain constant features should emerge. The underlying constant features are the scale or mode; in Western music these are enhanced by key and harmony.

2. tune


Sinonimi: melody | air | strain | melodic line | line | melodic phrase

ETYM A variant of tone.
A succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence; SYN. melody, air, strain, melodic line, line, melodic phrase.

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