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muški rod


Prélat chargé de la conduite d'un diocèse.


archevêque · chef · monseigneur · pontife · primat · prince · prince de l'Église · prélat · vicaire apostolique

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/ bɪʃəp /


ETYM Old Eng. bischop, biscop, bisceop, AS. bisceop, biscop, Latin episcopus overseer, superintendent, bishop, from Greek epi over + skeptesthai to look to, perh. akin to Latin specere to look at. Related to Spy, Episcopal.
1. A clergyman having spiritual and administrative authority; appointed in Christian churches to oversee priests or ministers; considered in some churches (Anglican Communion and Roman Catholic) to be successors of the twelve apostles.
2. Port wine mulled with oranges and cloves.
Priest next in rank to an archbishop in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican or episcopal churches. A bishop has charge of a district called a diocese.
Originally bishops were chosen by the congregation, but in the Roman Catholic church they are appointed by the pope, although in some countries, such as Spain, the political authority nominates appointees. In the Eastern Orthodox church bishops are always monks. In the Church of England the prime minister selects bishops on the advice of the archbishop of Canterbury; when a diocese is very large, assistant (suffragan) bishops are appointed. Bishops are responsible for meeting to settle matters of belief or discipline; they ordain priests and administer confirmation (as well as baptism in the Orthodox church). In the Methodist and Lutheran churches the bishop's role is mostly that of a supervisory official.
Bishops with more limited authority have the highest rank in certain Lutheran denominations and in the Methodist church.
In 1989 Barbara Harris of the US Episcopalian church was elected the first woman bishop in the Anglican Communion.

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