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Sinonimi: Yb | atomic number 70

ETYM New Lat., from Ytterby, in Sweden. Related to Erbium.
A soft silvery metallic element; a rare earth of the lanthanide series; it occurs in gadolinite and monazite and xenotime; SYN. Yb, atomic number 70.
Soft, lustrous, silvery, malleable, and ductile element of the lanthanide series, symbol Yb, atomic number 70, atomic weight 173.04. It occurs with (and resembles) yttrium in gadolinite and other minerals, and is used in making steel and other alloys.
In 1878 Swiss chemist Jean-Charles de Marignac gave the name ytterbium (after the Swedish town of Ytterby, near where it was found) to what he believed to be a new element. French chemist Georges Urbain (1872–1938) discovered 1907 that this was in fact a mixture of two elements: ytterbium and lutetium.

1. hemijski element

muški rod

2. iterbij

muški rodhemija

Hemijski elemenat iz grupe retkih metala.

3. iterbijum

muški rodhemija

Hemijski elemenat iz grupe retkih metala (lat.)

4. lantanid

muški rodhemija

Retki metal, retka zemlja.

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