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woodcut [ imenica ]
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A block of wood with a design cut into it; used to make prints; SYN. wood block, wood engraving.
A print made from a woodcut; SYN. wood engraving.
Print made by a woodblock in which a picture or design has been cut in relief along the grain of the wood. The woodcut is the oldest method of printing, invented in China in the 5th century AD. In the Middle Ages woodcuts became popular in Europe, illustrating early printed books and broadsides.
The German artist Albrecht Dürer was an early exponent of the technique. Multicolored woodblock prints were developed in Japan in the mid-18th century. Wood engraving is an allied but finer technique, the cuts being made across the end-grain of a block. The English artist Thomas Bewick was one of the first exponents of wood engraving.

drvorez [ muški rod ]

Ksilografija, rezbarenje.

duborez u drvetu [ muški rod ]

reljef u drvetu [ muški rod ]

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