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ETYM AS. wuducoc.
Either of two species of wading birds, genus Scolopax, of the family Scolopacidae, which have barred plumage, long bills, and live in wet woodland areas.
The American woodcock S. minor, about 28 cm/11 in long, is shortlegged and short-necked, with a long, straight bill. It nests in moist woodlands and thickets throughout E North America. The Eurasian woodcock S. rusticola, somewhat larger, is similar in appearance and habits.
Game bird of the sandpiper family that resembles a snipe.

1. šljuka

ženski rodptica

2. šumska šljuka

ženski rodptica

3. tetreb

muški rodptica

Šumska ptica, mužjak živopisnih boja u vreme parenja kad izgubi moć letenja i veoma je ranjiv. Nekada veoma raširena, danas većinom ugrožena vrsta.