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wish [ imenica ]
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A specific feeling of desire; SYN. wishing, want.
An expression of some desire or inclination; SYN. indirect request.
The particular preference that one has.

molba [ ženski rod ]


želja [ ženski rod ]

žudnja [ ženski rod ]

wish [ glagol ]
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To feel or express a desire or hope concerning the future or fortune of; SYN. wish well.
To hope for; have a wish.
To invoke upon; SYN. bid.
To make or express a wish.
To order politely; express a wish for.
To prefer or wish to do something; SYN. care, like.

hteti [ glagol ]

Imati želju, želeti.

želeti [ glagol ]

Imati želju, hteti.

žudeti [ glagol ]

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