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Prevod reči: whirligig

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whirligig [ imenica ]
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A child's toy, spun or whirled around like a wheel upon an axis, or like a top.
Anything which whirls around, or in which persons or things are whirled about, such as a merry-go-round.
A medieval instrument for punishing petty offenders, being a kind of wooden cage turning on a pivot, in which the offender was whirled round with great force.
Any one of numerous species of beetles belonging to Gyrinus and allied genera. The body is firm, oval or boatlike in form, and usually dark colored with a bronzelike luster.

kovitlac [ muški rod ]

vrteška [ ženski rod ]


zvrk [ muški rod ]

Dečja igračka, čigra.

zvrčka [ ženski rod ]

čigra [ ženski rod ]


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