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well [ pridev ]
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In good health especially after having suffered illness or injury
Wise or advantageous and hence advisable

dobar [ pridev ]

imućan [ pridev ]

podesan [ pridev ]

srećan [ pridev ]

Pun sreće, ispunjen srećom, sretan.

zadovoljava [ pridev ]

zdrav [ pridev ]

well [ prilog ]
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With skill or in a pleasing manner.
Thoroughly or completely; fully; often used as a combining form; SYN. thoroughly, completely, entirely.
To a suitable or appropriate extent or degree.
Favorably; with approval.
In a manner affording benefit or advantage; SYN. advantageously.
(Often used as a combining form) In a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard; ('good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for 'well' as in); SYN. good.
Indicating high probability; in all likelihood; SYN. easily.
Without unusual distress or resentment; with good humor.
With prudence or propriety.
1To a great extent or degree; SYN. considerably, substantially.
1With great or especially intimate knowledge.
1Used for emphasis or as an intensifier.
1In financial comfort; SYN. comfortably.

bez teškoća [ prilog ]

daleko [ prilog ]


dobro [ prilog ]

pažljivo [ prilog ]

potpuno [ prilog ]

povoljno [ prilog ]

sasvim [ prilog ]

Skroz, načisto.

vešto [ prilog ]

Okretno, spretno.

zadovoljavajuće [ prilog ]

well [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. welle, AS. wella, wylla, from weallan to well up, surge, boil; akin to Dutch wel a spring or fountain. Related to Well.
A deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine.
An abundant source; SYN. wellspring, fountainhead.
An open shaft through the floors of a building (as for a stairway).
An enclosed compartment in a ship or plane for holding something as e.g. fish or a plane's landing gear or for protecting something as e.g. a ship's pumps.

banjska voda [ ženski rod ]

banjski izvor [ muški rod ]

bunar [ muški rod ]

Kaptaža podzemne vode, zdenac.

izvor [ muški rod ]

Studenac, zdenac, vrelo, mesto gde podzemna voda izbija na površinu.
Izvorište, polazište.

kladenac [ muški rod ]

Jak izvor, vrelo.

naftna bušotina [ ženski rod ]

okno kroz palube [ imenica {nautika} ]

prostor u sudnici za advokate [ muški rod ]

vrelo [ imenica ]

Jak izvor.

well [ glagol ]
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To come up, as of liquids:; SYN. swell.

dići se do površine [ glagol ]

izbijati [ glagol ]

izvirati [ glagol ]

kriti plen od saučesnika [ glagol ]

prevariti saučesnike [ glagol ]

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