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Sinonimi: riches | wealthiness

ETYM Old Eng. welthe, from wele; cf. Dutch weelde luxury. Related to Weal prosperity.
1. An abundance of material possessions and resources; SYN. riches.
2. Property that has economic utility: a monetary value or an exchange value.
3. The quality of profuse abundance.
4. The state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money; SYN. wealthiness.
In economics, the wealth of a nation is its stock of physical capital, human capital, and net financial capital owned overseas. Physical capital is the stock of buildings, factories, offices, machines, roads, and so on. Human capital is the work force; not just the number of workers, but also their stock of education and training which makes them productive. Net financial capital is the difference between the money value of assets owned by foreigners in the domestic economy and the assets owned by the country abroad.
For individuals, the most significant wealth they have is themselves and their ability to generate an income by working.
After that, the largest item of wealth is likely to be their house. Possessions, money, and insurance policies are other examples of individual wealth.

1. blagoslov

muški rod

1. Izražavanje želje za dobro i sreću prizivanjem božje milosti.
2. Popodnevni crkveni obred;
3. Milost božja;
4. Odobrenje, pristanak, saglasnost. (crkv.-slov.)

2. blagostanje


3. bogatstvo


4. imućnost

ženski rod

5. obilje


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