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Prevod reči: waste

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waste [ pridev ]
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Being wild and uninhabited; desolate
Arid, empty
Not cultivated; not productive
Being in a ruined or devastated condition

divlji [ pridev ]

odbačen [ pridev ]

odbačen kao škart [ pridev ]

otpadni [ pridev ]

pust [ pridev ]

Nenaseljen, opustošen.

suvišan [ pridev ]

Nepotreban, izlišan.

nepotreban [ pridev ]

waste [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. waste; cf. the kindred as. westen, Old High Germ. westî, wuostî, German wüste. Related to Waste.
(Homonym: waist).
Any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted; SYN. waste material, waste matter, waste product.
Useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly; SYN. wastefulness, dissipation.
(Law) Reduction in the value of an estate caused by act or neglect; SYN. permissive waste.
Materials that are no longer needed and are discarded. Examples are household waste, industrial waste (which often contains toxic chemicals), medical waste (which may contain organisms that cause disease), and nuclear waste (which is radioactive). By recycling, some materials in waste can be reclaimed for further use. In 19the industrialized nations generated 2 billion metric tons of waste. In the us, metric tons of solid waste are generated annually per person, roughly twice as much as in Europe or Japan.
There has been a tendency to increase the amount of waste generated per person in industrialized countries, particularly through the growth in packaging and disposable products, creating a “throwaway society”.

beskorisne stvari [ N/A ]

gubljenje [ imenica ]

opustošena oblast [ ženski rod ]

opustošenje [ imenica ]

otpaci [ N/A ]

otpadak [ muški rod ]

otpadni materijal [ muški rod ]

pustinja [ ženski rod ]

Pust, nenaseljen predeo, pustara, područje bez vegetacije.

pustoš [ ženski rod ]

Pust kraj, pustinja.

rasipanje [ imenica ]

razaranje [ imenica ]

traćenje [ imenica ]

trošenje [ imenica ]

upropašćivanje [ imenica ]

waste [ glagol ]
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To use inefficiently or inappropriately
To get rid of
To run off as waste:; SYN. run off.
To spend thoughtlessly; throw away; SYN. blow, squander.
To cause to grow thin or weak; SYN. emaciate, macerate.
To waste away; SYN. rot.

arčiti [ glagol ]

Trošiti neštedimice tuđe, ono što nije zarađeno trudom; isto i harčiti. (tur.)

nestajati [ glagol ]

odbacivati [ glagol ]

opadati [ glagol ]

opustiti se [ glagol ]

oslabiti [ glagol ]

potrošiti [ glagol ]

prolaziti [ glagol ]

propadati [ glagol ]

propustiti [ glagol ]

Dati dozvolu za prolaz.

proćerdati [ glagol ]

rasteći [ glagol ]

rasuti [ glagol ]

Proliti, prosuti.

slabiti [ glagol ]

Gubiti snagu.

straćiti [ glagol ]

trošiti se [ glagol ]

upropastiti [ glagol ]

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