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Prevod reči: under

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under [ pridev ]
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Lower in rank, power, or authority

donji [ pridev ]

niži [ pridev ]

under [ prilog ]
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Below some quantity or limit
Below the horizon
Down below
Down to defeat, death, or ruin
Further down; SYN. below.
In or into a state of subordination or subjugation
Into unconsciousness
Through a range downward

dole [ prilog ]

ispod [ prilog ]

Sa donje strane.

under [ predlog ]
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Below or beneath so as to be overhung, surmounted, covered, protected, or concealed by
Subject to the authority, control, guidance, or instruction of
Receiving or undergoing the action or effect of
Within the group or designation of
Having as name or title
Less or lower than (as in size, amount, or rank); especially; falling short of a standard or required degree

pod [ predlog ]

prema [ predlog ]

po [ predlog ]

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