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trap [ imenica ]
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Something (often something deceptively attractive) that catches one unawares; SYN. snare.
A device in which something (usually an animal) can be caught and penned.
A U-shaped section of drainpipe that holds liquid and so prevents a return flow of sewer gas.
A device to hurl clay pigeons into the air for trapshooters.
A light two-wheel carriage.
Informal terms for the mouth; SYN. hole, maw, yap.

busija [ ženski rod ]

Zaseda (tajno posednut, utvrđen zaklon, gde se čeka, obično noću, nailazak neprijatelja).
prenosno: Zauzimanje busije znači utvrdu, zaklon, obezbeđenje od drugih (tur.)

centar zahvata [ muški rod ]

filtar za odvajanje [ muški rod ]

klopka [ ženski rod ]


zamka [ ženski rod ]

Naprava za hvatanje divljači. Klopka.

trap [ glagol ]
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ETYM as. treppan. Related to Trap a snare.
To catch in or as if in a trap; SYN. entrap, snare, ensnare, trammel.
To hold or catch as if in a trap.
To place in a confining or embarrassing position.
To hold fast or prevent from moving; SYN. pin, immobilize.
Light one-horse carriage with springs.

uhvatiti u klopku [ glagol ]

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