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transistor [ imenica {elektrotehnika} ]
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A semiconductor device capable of amplification; SYN. junction transistor.
Transistors are the basic elements in integrated circuits. A transistor is an electric switch with no moving parts that is turned on and off by applying an electric signal.
Solid-state electronic component, made of semiconductor material, with three or more electrodes, that can regulate a current passing through it. A transistor can act as an amplifier, oscillator, photocell, or switch, and (unlike earlier electron tubes) usually operates on a very small amount of power. Transistors commonly consist of a tiny sandwich of germanium or silicon, alternate layers having different electrical properties because they are impregnated with minute amounts of different impurities. A crystal of pure germanium or silicon would act as an insulator (nonconductor).
A crystal of pure germanium or silicon would act as an insulator (nonconductor). By introducing impurities in the form of atoms of other materials (for example, boron, arsenic, or indium) in minute amounts, the layers may be made either n-type, having an excess of electrons, or p-type, having a deficiency of electrons. This enables electrons to flow from one layer to another in one direction only.
Transistors have had a great impact on the electronics industry, and thousands of millions are now made each year. They perform many of the functions of the thermionic valve, but have the advantages of greater reliability, long life, compactness, and instantaneous action, no warming-up period being necessary. They are widely used in most electronic equipment, including portable radios and televisions, computers, and satellites, and are the basis of the integrated circuit (silicon chip). They were invented at Bell Telephone Laboratories in the US in 19by John Bardeen and Walter Brattain, developing the work of William Shockley.
Short for transfer resistor. A solid-state circuit component, usually with three leads, in which a voltage or a current controls the flow of another current. The transistor can serve many functions, including those of amplifier, switch, and oscillator, and is a fundamental component of almost all modern electronics. See the illustration. See also base (definition 3), FET, NPN transistor, PNP transistor.

tranzistor [ muški rod {elektrotehnika} ]

Tranzistorski radio-aparat.

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