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toad [ imenica {životinja} ]
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ETYM Old Eng. tode, tade, AS. tâdie, tâdige; of unknown origin. Related to Tadpole.
(Homonym: toed, towed).
Any one of numerous species of amphibians belonging to the genus Bufo and allied genera, especially those of the family Bufonid. Toads are generally terrestrial in their habits except during the breeding season, when they seek the water.
Any of the more terrestrial warty-skinned members of the tailless amphibians (order Anura). The name commonly refers to members of the genus Bufo, family Bufonidae, which are found worldwide, except for the Australian and polar regions.
The American toad B. americanus reaches 9 cm/3.5 in and is found from suburban backyards to mountain wildernesses throughout the NE US.

žaba [ ženski rod {životinja} ]

Vrsta vodozemca, njene zadnje noge se zovu kraci.

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