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tapeworm [ imenica {crv} ]
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Ribbon-like flatworms that are parasitic in the intestines of humans and other vertebrates; SYN. cestode.
Any of various parasitic flatworms of the class Cestoda. They lack digestive and sense organs, can reach m/ft in length, and attach themselves to the host's intestines by means of hooks and suckers. Tapeworms are made up of hundreds of individual segments, each of which develops into a functional hermaphroditic reproductive unit capable of producing numerous eggs. The larvae of tapeworms usually reach humans in imperfectly cooked meat or fish, causing anemia and intestinal disorders. tape-worm

trakulja [ ženski rod {crv} ]


pantljičara [ ženski rod {crv} ]

Trakulja, glista, trakavica, koja živi u organima za varenje čoveka i nekih životinja (nem.)

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