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Place of passage of impulse from one neurone to next..
The junction between two neurons (axon-to-dendrite) or between a neuron and a muscle
Junction between two nerve cells, or between a nerve cell and a muscle (a neuromuscular junction), across which a nerve impulse is transmitted. The two cells are separated by a narrow gap called the synaptic cleft. The gap is bridged by a chemical neurotransmitter, released by the nerve impulse.
The threadlike extension, or axon, of the transmitting nerve cell has a slightly swollen terminal point, the synaptic knob. This forms one half of the synaptic junction and houses membrane-bound vesicles, which contain a chemical neurotransmitter. When nerve impulses reach the knob, the vesicles release the transmitter and this flows across the gap and binds itself to special receptors on the receiving cell’s membrane. If the receiving cell is a nerve cell, the other half of the synaptic junction will be one or more extensions called dendrites; these will be stimulated by the neurotransmitter to set up an impulse, which will then be conducted along the length of the nerve cell and on to its own axons. If the receiving cell is a muscle cell, it will be stimulated by the neurotransmitter to contract.

1. sinapsa

ženski rodanatomija

Fuzija uparenih hromozoma.
Spoj dve nervne ćelije, mesto dodira ogranaka dva susedna neurona i supstancije na kojoj se neuron završava (grč.)

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