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superior [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin, compar. of superus being above, from super above, over: cf. French supérieur. Related to Super-, Supreme.
(Often followed by 'to') Above being affected or influenced by.
Of or characteristic of high rank or importance.
Of high or superior quality or performance.
(Sometimes followed by 'to') Not subject to or influenced by.
(Astronomy) Having an orbit farther from the sun than the Earth's orbit.

superioran [ pridev ]

Nadmoćan, viši, pretežniji, istaknutiji; supr. inferioran.

bolji [ pridev ]

gornji [ pridev ]

jači [ pridev ]

nadmoćan [ pridev ]

veći [ pridev ]

višlji [ pridev ]

superior [ imenica ]
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One of greater rank or station or quality; SYN. higher-up, superordinate.
The head of a religious community.

pretpostavljeni [ muški rod ]

nastojnik [ muški rod ]

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