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ETYM AS. stapul, stapol, stapel, a step, a prop, post, table, from stapan to step, go, raise.
1. A short U-shaped wire nail for securing cables.
2. A short length of U-shaped wire used to fasten papers together.
In medieval Europe, a riverside town where merchants had to offer their wares for sale before proceeding to their destination, a practice that constituted a form of toll; such towns were particularly common on the Rhine.
In English usage, it referred to a town appointed as the exclusive market for a particular commodity, especially wool. The wool staple was established by the English crown in Calais 1353. This form of monopoly trading was abandoned 1617.
Necessary foods or commodities.

1. glavna osobina

ženski rod

2. glavni proizvod

muški rod

3. gvozdena spona

ženski rod

4. kuka

ženski rod

Klin za kačenje, savijen klin.

5. osnovna crta

ženski rod

6. šarka

ženski rodmehanika

Na vratima, prozoru.

7. skoba

ženski rod

8. spajalica

ženski rod

9. spojnica

ženski rodmehanika


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