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stammer [ imenica ]
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A speech disorder involving hesitations and involuntary repetitions of certain sounds; SYN. stutter.
Disorder affecting the fluency of speech in which certain sounds, syllables, or words may be repeated, while other sounds are prolonged or blocked. Stammering may be associated with grimacing or gesturing, and its severity may increase at times of stress.
A stammer usually begins in childhood and affects boys more than girls. It can be treated by teaching appropriate control of breathing and measured sound production.

mucanje [ imenica ]

Postoje dve grupe uzroka mucanja: nerve oduzetosti (prirodne i kao posledica ozleda) i duševne trzavice, svađe, razni sukobi ili strah.

zamuckivanje [ imenica ]

stammer [ glagol ]
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To make involuntary interruptions or hesitations while speaking; to stutter.

mucati [ glagol ]

Mucavo govoriti.

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