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stagger [ imenica ]
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An abnormal condition of domestic animals associated with damage to the central nervous system and marked by incoordination and a reeling unsteady gait
A reeling or unsteady gait or stance
An arrangement in which the leading edge of the upper wing of a biplane is advanced over that of the lower

oklevanje [ imenica ]

teturanje [ imenica ]

vrtoglavica [ ženski rod ]

stagger [ glagol ]
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To astound or overwhelm, as with shock:
To astound or overwhelm
To walk as if unable to control one's movements; SYN. reel, keel, lurch, swag, careen.
To walk with great difficulty; as in snow or mud; SYN. flounder.
To place in alternating or irregular order

kolebati se [ glagol ]

poremetiti [ glagol ]

rasklimati [ glagol ]

smesti se [ glagol ]

teturati [ glagol ]

teturati se [ glagol ]

zbuniti [ glagol ]

posrtati [ glagol ]

zapanjiti [ glagol ]

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