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squeeze [ imenica ]
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A twisting squeeze:; SYN. wring.
The act of squeezing

gnječenje [ imenica ]

gužva [ ženski rod ]

Metež, strka, tarapana.

pritisak [ muški rod ]

squeeze [ glagol ]
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To press firmly
To exert pressure especially on opposite sides of; compress; to extract or emit under pressure; to force or thrust by compression
To get by extortion; to deprive by extortion; to cause economic hardship to; to reduce the amount of
To crowd into a limited area
To gain or win by a narrow margin
To force (another player) to discard in bridge so as to unguard a suit
To score by means of a squeeze play
To give way before pressure
To exert pressure; also; to practice extortion or oppression
1To force one's way
1To pass, win, or get by narrowly

stisnuti [ glagol ]

utisnuti [ glagol ]

zgnječiti [ glagol ]

izgnječiti [ glagol ]

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