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solicitor [ imenica ]
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ETYM French solliciteur, Latin sollicitator.
In the uk, a member of one of the two branches of the English legal profession, the other being a barrister.
A solicitor is a lawyer who provides all-round legal services (making wills, winding up estates, conveyancing, divorce, and litigation). A solicitor cannot appear at High Court level, but must brief a barrister on behalf of his or her client. Solicitors may become circuit judges and recorders.
A British lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents.

advokat [ muški rod ]

Pravni zastupnik. Pravozastupnik, pravobranilac, branitelj, odvetnik.

molitelj [ muški rod ]

zamenik [ muški rod ]

Lice koje zamenjuje nekoga.

zaštitnik [ muški rod ]

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