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Sinonimi: software system

Computer programs; instructions that make hardware work. Two main types of software are system software (operating systems), which controls the workings of the computer, and applications, such as word processing programs, spreadsheets, and databases, which perform the tasks for which people use computers. Two additional categories, which are neither system nor application software but contain elements of both, are network software, which enables groups of computers to communicate, and language software, which provides programmers with the tools they need to write programs. In addition to these task-based categories, several types of software are described based on their method of distribution. These include packaged software (canned programs), sold primarily through retail outlets; freeware and public domain software, which are distributed free of charge; shareware, which is also distributed free of charge, although users are requested to pay a small registration fee for continued use of the program; and vaporware, software that is announced by a company or individuals but either never makes it to market or is very late. See also application, canned software, freeware, network software, operating system, shareware, system software, vaporware. Compare firmware, hardware, liveware.
(Computer science) Written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory; SYN. software system.
Generally, programs loaded into a computer from external mass storage but also extended to include operating systems and documentation.
In computing, a collection of programs and procedures for making a computer perform a specific task, as opposed to hardware, the physical components of a computer system. Software is created by programmers and is either distributed on a suitable medium, such as the floppy disc, or built into the computer in the form of firmware. Examples of software include operating systems, compilers, and applications programs, such as payrolls. No computer can function without some form of software.

1. softver

muški rodračunari

Programi za računare. Aplikacije. Softver generalno podrazumeva sve vrste računarskih programa, od operativnih sistema kao što je DOS, preko uslužnih programa za aplikacije, pa do programa koji se nalaze u ROM čipovima. Ovaj izraz je suprotna hardveru koji predstavlja fizički deo računara. Softver pokreće hardver. Bez softvera, hardver nije ništa drugo osim potencijala - kao neobrazovani klinac, izuzimajući hiperaktivnost.
Programska podrška računara, sve nematerijalno u računaru.