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ETYM Latin socius a companion + -logy.
Systematic study of society, in particular of social order and social change, social conflict and social problems. It studies institutions such as the family, law, and the church, as well as concepts such as norm, role, and culture. Sociology attempts to study people in their social environment according to certain underlying moral, philosophical, and political codes of behavior.
Sociology today reflects a variety of perspectives and traditions. Its focus tends to be on contemporary industrial society, sometimes comparing it with pre-industrial society, and occasionally drawing on such related disciplines as history, geography, politics, economics, psychology, and anthropology. Its concerns range from theories of social order and change to detailed analyses of small groups, individuals, and the routines of daily life. The relation between theory and method is one part of the current debate about whether sociology is or should be a science, and whether it can or should be free of ideology.
The study and classification of human societies.

1. sociologija

ženski rod

Nauka o osnovnim uslovima čovečjeg društva (izraz potiče od O. Konta, osnivača novije sociologije). Kao socijalna statika i morfologija, sociologija proučava oblike, sklop i razloge trajanja i čvrstine izvensih stanja čovečje zajednice; kao socijalna dinamika, ona proučava uslove i zakone razvitka čovečjeg društva.

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