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shunt [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. Dutch schuinte slant, slope, declivity. Related to Shunt.
In electrical engineering, a conductor of very low resistance that is connected in parallel to an ammeter in order to enable it to measure larger electric currents. Its low resistance enables it to act like a bypass, diverting the extra current through itself and away from the ammeter, and thereby reducing the instrument's sensitivity.
A low-resistance conductor connected in parallel with a device to divert a fraction of the current; SYN. electrical shunt.
A passage by which a bodily fluid (especially blood) is diverted from one channel to another.
Tube made of plastic or rubber; for draining fluids within the body.

promena [ ženski rod ]


zamena [ ženski rod ]

shunt [ glagol ]
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To provide with or divert by means of an electrical shunt.
To transfer to another track, of trains.

odložiti [ glagol ]

skrenuti [ glagol ]

skrenuti na drugi kolosek [ glagol ]

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