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shadow [ imenica ]
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ETYM Originally the same word as shade. Related to Shade.
The shade cast by an object blocking light, usually in the form of an identifiable shape.
Shade within clear boundaries.
Refuge from danger or observation.
An inseparable companion.
A premonition of something adverse.
Area of darkness behind an opaque object that cannot be reached by some or all of the light coming from a light source in front. Its presence may be explained in terms of light rays traveling in straight lines and being unable to bend round obstacles. A point source of light produces an umbra, a completely black shadow with sharp edges. An extended source of light produces both a central umbra and a penumbra, a region of semidarkness with blurred edges where darkness gives way to light.
Eclipses are caused by the Earth passing into the Moon' s shadow or the Moon passing into the Earth's shadow.

tama [ ženski rod ]

Mrak, tmina.

mrak [ muški rod ]

Tmina, tama, pomrčina.

senka [ ženski rod ]

sumrak [ muški rod ]

Početak noći, doba od zalaska sunca do potpunog mraka.

shadow [ glagol ]
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To cast a shadow over; SYN. shade, shade off.
To cast a shadow; SYN. overshadow, dwarf.
To follow, usually without the person's knowledge

osenčiti [ glagol ]

bacati senku [ glagol ]

pomračiti [ glagol ]

senčiti [ glagol ]

zamračiti [ glagol ]

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