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Study of signs and signals; semiotics; system of signs.
Or semiotics; The study of the function of signs and symbols in human communication, both in language and by various nonlinguistic means. Beginning with the notion of the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure that no word or other sign (signifier) is intrinsically linked with its meaning (signified), it was developed as a scientific discipline, especially by Claude Lévi-Strauss and Roland Barthes.
Semiotics has combined with structuralism in order to explore the “production” of meaning in language and other sign systems and has emphasized the conventional nature of this production.

1. semiologija

ženski rod

Učenje epikurejca Filodemosa po kome reči nisu slike nego samo znaci (oznake) naših predstava; med. nauka o znacima (simptomima) bolesti. (grč.)

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