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self [ pridev ]
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ETYM as. self, seolf, sylf; akin to os. self, OFries. self, Dutch zelf, German selb, selber, selbst, Dan. selv. Swed. sjelf, Icel. sjâlfr, Goth. silba. Related to Selvage.
Having a single character or quality throughout; specifically; having one color only.
Of the same kind (as in color, material, or pattern) as something with which it is used.

bez primesa [ pridev ]

isti [ pridev ]

Jednaki, identičan.

jasan [ pridev ]

ličan [ pridev ]

pravi [ pridev ]

Istinit, odgovarajući.

prirodan [ pridev ]


sam [ pridev ]


samostalan [ pridev ]

tobožnji [ pridev ]

self [ imenica {N/A} ]
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(Irregular plural: selves).
A person considered as a unique individual.
One's consciousness of one's own identity; SYN. ego.
The individual as an experiencing being, the subject of contemplation, the object of introspection, and the agent of thought and action. Personality and ego are commonly used synonyms, though they do not have exactly the same meaning. The personality is more outwardly observable (by others, that is) and the ego, as a psychoanalytical term at least, contains unconscious elements that the self does not recognize.

biće [ imenica ]

Stvorenje, stvor.

ličnost [ ženski rod ]

Osoba, lice, persona.

sebičnost [ ženski rod ]

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