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segment [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin segmentum, from secare to cut, cut off: cf. French segment. Related to Saw a cutting instrument.
In geometry, part of a circle cut off by a straight line or chord, running from one point on the circumference to another. All angles in the same segment are equal.
One of the parts into which something naturally divides.

deo [ muški rod ]

Parče, komad.

isečak [ muški rod ]

Isečeni deo, izrezak.

kolutić [ muški rod ]

odrezak [ muški rod ]

Narezak, kriška, komad.

otsečak [ muški rod ]

segment [ muški rod ]

Otsečak; geom. otsečak, deo (kružne) površine između luka i njegove tetive; deo nekog luka otsečen pravom ili ravni; zool. prstenak, pl. segmenti, prstenci; biol. ćelija obrazovana cepljenjem ili segmentacijom. (lat.)

segment [ imenica {računari} ]
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A section of a program that, when compiled, occupies a contiguous address space and that is usually position independent; that is, it can be loaded anywhere in memory. With Intel-based microcomputers, a native-mode segment is a logical reference to a 64-KB contiguous portion of RAM in which the individual bytes are accessed by means of an offset value. Collectively, the segment:offset values reference a single physical location in RAM. See also overlay1 (definition 1), real mode, segmentation.

segment [ muški rod {računari} ]

Parče ili deo nečega. Na PC-ju, segment je blok memorije od K.

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