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Sinonimi: Sc | atomic number 21

ETYM New Lat. So called because found in Scandinavian minerals.
Silver-white, metallic element of the lanthanide series, symbol Sc, atomic number 21, atomic weight 44.956.
Its compounds are found widely distributed in nature, but only in minute amounts. The metal has little industrial importance.
Scandium is relatively more abundant in the Sun and other stars than on Earth. Scandium oxide (scandia) is used as a catalyst, in making crucibles and other ceramic parts, and scandium sulfate (in very dilute aqueous solution) is used in agriculture to improve seed germination.
The element was discovered and named in 1879 by Swedish chemist Lars Nilson (1840–99), for Latin Scandia, because it occurs in the Scandinavian mineral euxenite, on which he worked.
A white trivalent metallic element; sometimes classified in the rare earth group; occurs in the Scandinavian mineral thortveitite; SYN. Sc, atomic number 21.

1. hemijski element

muški rod

2. skandij

muški rodhemija

3. skandijum

muški rodhemija

Elemenat, atomska težina 45,10, redni broj 21, znak Sc, metal.

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