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Sinonimi: cattle plague

ETYM German, from rind, pl. rinder, cattle + pest pest, plague.
(S African) Cattle plague.
An acute infectious viral disease of cattle (usually fatal); characterized by fever and diarrhea and inflammation of mucous membranes; SYN. cattle plague.
Acute viral disease of cattle (sometimes also of sheep and goats) characterized by fever and bloody diarrhea, due to inflammation of the intestines. It can be fatal. Almost eliminated in the 1960s, it revived in Africa in the 1980s.
Rinderpest belongs to the Paramyxoviridae virus family and has a mortality rate of 95%. Its highest incidence is in the Horn of Africa where it kills 50–80% of cattle.
A vaccine using a genetically engineered virus is undergoing trials from 1994.

1. goveđa kuga

ženski rodmedicina

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