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ride [ imenica ]
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An act of riding; especially; a trip on horseback or by vehicle
A way (as a road or path) suitable for riding
Any of various mechanical devices (as at an amusement park) for riding on
A trip on which gangsters take a victim to murder him; something likened to such a trip
A means of transportation
The qualities of travel comfort in a vehicle
A mechanical device that one rides for amusement or excitement.

cesta [ ženski rod ]

drum [ muški rod ]

Cesta, put. saobraćajnica za motorna i druga vozila. (grč.)

jahanje [ imenica ]

konjička staza [ ženski rod ]

put [ muški rod ]

Mera za težinu, teg u Zadnjoj Indiji = 1 1/2 engl. funta = 680,3g; vrsta kalajnog novca.

vožnja [ ženski rod ]

šetnja [ ženski rod ]


ride [ glagol {N/A} ]
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(Irregular preterit, past participle: rode, ridden).
To be carried or travel on or in a vehicle.
To climb up on the body.
To sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions; SYN. sit.
To ride over, along, or through.
To move like a floating object.
To continue undisturbed and without interference.
To lie moored or anchored.
To keep partially engaged by slightly depressing a pedal with the foot.
To copulate with, as of animals; SYN. mount.

gaziti [ glagol ]

jahati [ glagol ]

mučiti [ glagol ]

ploviti [ glagol ]

vozati se [ glagol ]

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