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renunciation [ imenica ]
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ETYM Cf. French renonciation, Latin renuntiatio ann announcement. Related to Renounce.
A verbal act of renouncing; SYN. renouncement.
The act of renouncing; SYN. forgoing, forswearing.
In religion, giving something up, an element of almost every ethical system. Buddhism is based on renunciation of personal desires and Hinduism seeks eventually, after many lifetimes, the abandonment of ties to the physical world. In Christianity the idea of renunciation was most pronounced in medieval asceticism.
The spirit of true Christian renunciation is the recognition that everything belongs to God.

odricanje [ imenica ]

samoodricanje [ imenica ]

renuncijacija [ ženski rod ]

Obznanjivanje, objavljivanje; otkaz, otkazivanje; odricanje, odustajanje od čega. (lat.)

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