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ETYM Latin regeneratio: cf. French régéneration.
In biology, regrowth of a new organ or tissue after the loss or removal of the original. It is common in plants, where a new individual can often be produced from a “cutting” of the original. In animals, regeneration of major structures is limited to lower organisms; certain lizards can regrow their tails if these are lost, and new flatworms can grow from a tiny fragment of an old one. In mammals, regeneration is limited to the repair of tissue in wound healing and the regrowth of peripheral nerves following damage.
1. The activity of spiritual or physical renewal.
2. (Biology) Growth anew of lost or destroyed parts or organs.

1. regeneracija

ženski rod

Obavljanje, obnova, preporod, podmlađivanje, ponovno uspostavljanje; biol. obnavljanje izgubljenih delova životinjskog ili biljnog tela, naročito kod nižih organizama. (lat.)

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