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recursion [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin recursio. Related to Recur.
The ability of a routine to call itself. Recursion enables certain algorithms to be implemented with small, simple routines, but it does not guarantee speed or efficiency. Erroneous use of recursion can cause a program to run out of stack space during execution, causing the program, and sometimes the entire system, to crash. See also call1 (definition 2), routine.
(Mathematics) An expression such that each term is generated by repeating a particular mathematical operation.
In computing and mathematics, a technique whereby a function or procedure calls itself into use in order to enable a complex problem to be broken down into simpler steps. For example, a function that finds the factorial of a number n (calculates the product of all the whole numbers between 1 and n) would obtain its result by multiplying n by the factorial of n - 1.

ponavljanje [ imenica ]

rekurzija [ ženski rod ]

Koncept u programiranju u kome ista funkcija ili rutina poziva samu sebe, opet i opet, da bi se završio neki zadatak. Uzmite kao primer kinesku kutiju. Primer za rekurziju je programska funkcija "otvori kutiju":
. Otvori kutiju
. Ako pronađeš još jednu kutiju, onda "otvori kutiju"
. U suprotnom, ukloni sadržaj kutije.
U ovom primeru, funkcija "otvori kutiju" poziva samu sebe, ponavljajući se, da bi otvarala kineske kutije. Iako će se na kraju nešto nači u najmanjoj kutiji, program za otvaranje kutija korist

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