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Reagan [ muški rod {N/A} ]
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(Wilson) (1911-) 40th president of the US 1981–8a Republican. He was governor of California 1966–7and a former Hollywood actor. Reagan was a hawkish and popular president. He adopted an aggressive policy in Central America, attempting to overthrow the government of Nicaragua, and invading Grenada 198In 198Irangate was investigated by the Tower Commission; Reagan admitted that US–Iran negotiations had become an “arms for hostages deal”, but denied knowledge of resultant funds being illegally sent to the Contras in Nicaragua. He increased military spending (sending the national budget deficit to record levels), cut social programs, introduced deregulation of domestic markets, and cut taxes. His Strategic Defense Initiative, announced 198proved controversial owing to the cost and unfeasibility. He was succeeded by vice president George Bush.
Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois, the son of a shoe salesman who was bankrupted during the Depression. He became a Hollywood actor 19and appeared in films, including Bedtime for Bonzo 19and The Killers 1964.
As president of the Screen Actors' Guild 1947–5he became a conservative, critical of the bureaucratic stifling of free enterprise, and named names before the House Un-American Activities Committee. He joined the Republican Party 196and his term as governor of California was marked by battles against students.
Having lost the Republican presidential nomination 19and 19to Nixon and Ford respectively, Reagan won it 19and defeated President Carter. He was wounded in an assassination attempt 198The invasion of Grenada, following a coup there, generated a revival of national patriotism, and Reagan was reelected by a landslide 198His insistence on militarizing space through the Strategic Defense Initiative, popularly called Star Wars, prevented a disarmament agreement when he met the Soviet leader Gorbachev 19and 198but a reduction in nuclear weapons was agreed 198In 198he ordered the bombing of Tripoli, Libya, in alleged retaliation for the killing of a US soldier in Berlin by a guerrilla group.

Regan [ muški rod {N/A} ]

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